Tik Tok,
But built for learning.

Our App uses personalized short Videos to interactively teach High-School Mathematics.
We're using the power of TikTok-style short videos, but for education, not distraction.



Bottom bar of the Sophia App.

Short videos:
Young peoples' window
to the world

Social Media uses AI to create a feed that perfectly captures teenagers' attention for as long as possible.
We want to use this powerful tool for them, not against.
That's why Sophia helps them learn Mathematics,
instead of distracting from what matters.

Step-by-step explanations
Just like a private Tutor

There are many great resources available for learning Mathematics.

But they can't adapt to the individual learners needs!

Sophia can do, what previously only private teachers could:
Create a learning experience tailored to the learner's needs.

Spend Time Learning,
not just Consuming

Smartphones have become an integral part of teenagers' lives. But it's hard to use them responsibly.

Sophia offers a fun alternative to the bottomless pit of social media and games - and it helps understand complex subjects - and build confidence.

Don't take our word for it.
It should be backed by science.

This is how we work. Here we will write about the science-based approach to our app.
We are at the cutting edge of latest research in the intersection of education and artificial intelligence.

Stay tuned &
Follow the dot.

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