How to outperform 84% of other students without extra work - using science!

Mastery learning, a concept explored in Benjamin Bloom's "two sigma" problem, suggests that given the right resources and time, any student can understand a subject to a high level of proficiency. However, the implementation of this individual-focused methodology on a large scale has been challenging due to the rigid and standardized approach of traditional education systems. Sophia Edu Labs is addressing these issues by using TikTok-style videos to enable every student to achieve mastery in their studies, aiming to personalize and democratize education.


In the first part of this series on learning, we explored Benjamin Bloom's "two sigma" problem – the phenomenon where average students, when tutored one-to-one, can outperform 98% of their peers taught via traditional methods. Now we’ll assume that you’re not infinitely rich and cannot afford a private tutor all the time. Don’t worry, we still have just the right science for you!

Deciphering Mastery Learning

At its core, mastery learning is a straightforward yet revolutionary approach. It's built on the premise that all students can understand a subject or skill to a high level of proficiency, provided they're given the time and resources they need. In other words, it's not about who can learn but about how and when they do.

Mastery learning centers on the individual learner's pace, moving away from the one-size-fits-all model of traditional classrooms. Students progress only when they've fully grasped a concept, ensuring no gaps are left in their understanding.

The Mastery Effect: A Game Changer

Imagine a world where every student truly understands what they're learning, where no one is left behind because they didn't "get it" the first time. This is the promise of mastery learning.

When this methodology is used, students are given the freedom to become experts in their learning, and the results are nothing short of astonishing. As Bloom discovered, the average student guided by mastery learning can achieve what only the top 15% can in a conventional classroom.

The Challenge of Scaling Mastery Learning

So, if mastery learning is so transformative, why isn't it omnipresent in every school, every classroom? The hard truth is that implementing this approach on a large scale comes with its own set of challenges.

The traditional education system, with its rigid timelines and one-size-fits-all approach, often struggles to accommodate the flexible, individualized nature of mastery learning. Furthermore, the resources required to implement mastery learning effectively — from skilled educators to tailored learning materials — are often lacking or misallocated.

Mastery Learning and Technology: A Powerful Alliance

I have spent countless hours in the last row of a classroom, not paying attention to my math teacher. The problem for me: I was bored! Next to me, some of my friends, equally unattentive, were frustrated, because for them, things moved too fast. Naturally, we found a way out: distractions. Today, as I have come to appreciate the value of great education, I am looking for other ways out: Can we use technology for mastery learning?

Enter Sophia Edu Labs, where we're using TikTok-style videos (educational, not dance-offs) to enable every single student to achieve mastery in every topic they study. Follow our journey as we explore the digital frontier of education, one custom video at a time. Let's transform the world into a classroom, together.

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